They Who are Graduates....
"Dr. Toronto" husband, AL
Graduation season is here -- teens leaving high school and young adults leaving college.
  Even some old folks go back to school and get degrees.  It's fun to see the hope, enthusiasm and innocence in all who graduate.   
And who knows where it's going to take them?
My husband, Al, has a Ph.D. in Speech Pathology and was a college professor for ten years.  He was one year away from being a full, tenured professor when he quit to go into business for himself.  Simply put, he changed his mind and followed his heart... towards me!  His life has been a wild roller coaster ride ever since.  I'd like to think I'm one of the high points.  And now "Dr. Toronto" is selling paintings on the street corner with me and loves every minute of it. 
The original artwork for "She Who is a Graduate". Since creating this piece almost  15 years ago, I've added a new design for men: "He who is a Graduate"
Does Al regret the eight years of school to get a doctorate degree he doesn't use?  Not for a second.  He values his education and time teaching as some of the best and formative years of his life.  It made him who he is and is a vital part of his success in life.  And it's part of why I married him.  He was obviously smart and driven.
The point is, graduation is a springboard to the rest of your life, no matter where it takes you. 
It's a time for reflection and celebration. 
So congratulate those around you who are graduating.  And consider giving them one of my graduation art prints.  It puts education in perspective and is a wonderful keepsake. 


My Dirty Little Secret

Yes, it's true. I have a dirty little secret... a serious personality flaw that those closest to me are forever chiding me about. And since I have always felt that the best way to keep people from throwing all my own dirt back in my face, I decided to toss it all out there, here and now for all the world to see. So here goes...

I am the most unorganized, totally forgetful, lose everything, walking tornado you will ever know. And I am not exaggerating. My studio is always in a whirlwind, my purse, if I can find it, is either busting at the seams with all the crap I'm hauling around since 1978, or completely empty with me having no clue where all that stuff that was just in it has suddenly disappeared to.  And... heaven forbid, if you give me a piece of paper with information on it that is critical for the salvation of all living things on the face on the earth I will promptly lose it... along with my iPhone and wallet just for good measure.

My husband said he really believes it's not a personality flaw but rather a "lifestyle choice" and that if I really wanted to, I could change.   We'll, I am tired of it. So in my effort to be teachable, I am going to change this year. (I had the  word try inserted before the word change but decided that I needed to be very affirmative and took it out!  I'm not going to just try...I'm going to do it!)

So my new years resolution is to get organized. And not only am I going to clean out and dig out the cobwebs of my life, but I am going to make a conscience effort to put things back where they belong immediately after I use them. I am going to start writing down appointments and deadlines so they don't fly by me, giving me both whiplash and a salon blow dry in the process.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm not going to do this so I can cram even more stuff into my day. I'm going to do this to stop me from running around like a chicken with its head cut off, confusing my own chaotic busyness with the idea that it's producing a forward motion. Because it rarely does! Usually it starts a circular motion that forms the above mentioned tornado!)  So everyone who knows me, be warned...a new Suzy is emerging.    

My Creative Process

More than once I have been asked about the creative process I use to create my Wonderful Wacky Women. As the daughter of an artist who is the daughter of an artist, I take it for granted that most of the process comes without fore thought or planning. But everything has a beginning. Since a lot of you are artist or crafty with all sorts of mediums, I thought I'd share my process with you.
It all starts with an inspiration from family and friends who plant the seeds of my creation. Once the idea is in my wacky head, I start with a watercolor paper by Strathmore called Aquarius. I lightly sketch out my characters shape, careful not to press too hard as the paper is horrendously unforgiving. Then dive right in with either a black fine tip Sharpie marker or a Micron Pen. Once inked in, I paint it with a variety of  watercolors sticking only with the transparent ones that include a lot of a brand called Holbien. I really love their paint yet I really can't pinpoint why. Just great quality, pigment rich color.  (I'm addicted to a color called "Opera Pink")
I make lots of mistakes and start over three or four times... Yes, this is part of the process. Because sometimes it takes seeing what I don't want to realize exactly what I do want!
I allow my creation to dry a good 24 hours before I then digitally scan my piece and import it into Photoshop. It is there I add the words to the stories I write and the whole piece takes on a life of its own.
As Paul Harvey says, "And now you know the rest of the story!"


OK, so can you think of a more fun way to show your wacky side than by hanging one of these cute tea towels in your kitchen?  They also make the most perfect hostess gift among friends.  Lots of wacky styles to choose from, I just know one of them describes you!

Each towel is 18 x 25, 100% cotton, machine washable and an absolutely fantastic way to put some personality in the kitchen!  
A porcelain mug is the perfect Christmas gift, with all the hot drinks consumed during the holidays.  The great thing is, my themes are appropriate year-round.  And these mugs are C_U_T_E!!!  They come in two shapes and display my most popular sayings on the front with the full, heart felt sayings that share your heart and soul, on the back!. I'm sure there's something perfect here for you and all the women in your life.  Im showing you these before I actually have any great photos buy just know the FULL story is on the back of each mug...both styles. This Kindred Spirits Mug is the one I'm including in my hostess gift bag for my friend this Thanksgiving. 


I'm Such a Smartypants...
I Traded Moldy for Maui   
  suzy beach I'm so excited on so many levels, I don't know where to start.

First of all, a plumbing leak under my home lead to a horrible mold problem -- the wood floors were dotted with black spots. To fix it, I had to evacuate my home for 6 weeks. Isn't that just the most stupendously fabulous, most wonderful news you've ever heard???

It's fabulous because without missing a beat, I took it as a sign from heaven to  jump on an airplane and head to my favorite place in the whole wide world for a whole month... Maui!  Here my heart is home. My hubby, Al, says he loves it when we come here because I turn into this calm, mellow, peacefully serene woman. So, for the last two weeks, I've been spending my days lounging on the beach, practicing yoga, creating wacky new art and breathing in all that is the spirit of aloha. 

However,all that calm, serenity and aloha mojo surfed itself right out the window  when I opened up a package from my studio today. I got so excited I started jumping up and down, doing my happy, little "wacky dance."  I screamed at the top of my lungs,  "Where's my phone? Where's my phone?"

 Inside were these adorable new cell phone covers I designed but had never actually seen.  They are soooo cute I can't stand it. No sooner had I clicked my phone into one of these precious little covers that I dialed my studio and asked them how soon I could share them with you?  My assistant said "Now... we've got 'em stock. They just arrived."   With that response, I squealed with delight. My assistant, startled by my yelp, squealed back at me over the phone which then started a chain reaction throughout the rest of the studio back in Florida.  They all started squealing. I had them all on speaker phone here in Hawaii.  Al was laughing hysterically and took this shot!. (Someday you really do need to experience my studio.... We really are a wacky bunch!) 

So click here to see them. Even if you don't need one, you just gotta take a look. They're that cute! (I'm giving one to each I my kids for Christmas this year if I can wait that long!


Last Call: Oh no.... My Signature Jewelry is almost gone

(Ok, so...please bear with me for 2 minutes. I hate, hate, hate to have to be sales-pitchy but if I don't do this y'all are going to be calling me Thursday and whining about not knowing....So, I want to take just a minute to let all those who know and love my jewelry as much as I do, that after Tuesday, October 14,  it will no longer be available on my website.)

I love to wear my wacky women necklace, depicting three women dancing together. As a matter of fact, I wear it almost everyday. Its a beautiful image of three wacky women dancing their wacky little
hearts out to the beat of their own drum.  Depending on the day, it means different things to me. Some days it represents my three precious daughters who all live so far away. Other days it's my only sister, my wacky mom and me. Today, as I type this little note it represents the "terrific trio" of Suzy, Launi and Sandy -- best friends forever. When I tell them I created it, and it's an original design, the next question is always the same..."Where can I get one?" Well, unfortunately  this is the final call, I am offering you the opportunity to have one too but only until Tuesday, midnight . And I have made them in a variety of designs.
The two girl pieces are sold out but I still have three or four girls to suit your group. They are beautiful sisterhood gifts and wonderful conversation starters.  But in all seriousness, you really do need to hurry!  Supply is very very limited.  And when these are gone, I will not have a second batch. This is a one time shot.

Also available is a nod to my favorite words of
wisdom: "Life is all about how you handle Plan B."  This statement pendant is two-sided with
positive affirmations to reaffirm your mantra to life. One side says  "Living Plan B" and the reverse says "Life is an Adventure."  It can be worn either way 

As you can see in the picture here it comes with a little velvet like rope. I actually have started wearing mine on a silver wire chain and I love it too.

 Now all the details:
  • Available in two, three or four girls or Plan B
  •  Click here to see them all 
  • Metal is non-allergenic coated zinc alloy with soft, silver patina.
  • Comes with 16-inch velvet rope necklace and a 3-inch extender chain.
  • Regularly $19.95.  our final offer this week until Tuesday is just $16.95.  
A note about the metal. I know you're probably thinking "What the heck is Zinc Alloy?" Well, I have always loved the look of antique silver and pewter . My first thought for these sisterhood pendants was, "I want them to look like pewter."  I said, "look like" pewter, not "be" pewter. That's because I'm allergic to pewter. Pewter is made of tin, copper and lead.  Many of us have allergic reactions to such base metals.(I'm allergic to nickel too and some silver is actually cut with nickel. When silver says .925 Silver it means the other .075 is nickel. That's why some metal...even silver, can turn your neck green!) So I set out to find something that would have the same look without the allergic reactions. This was especially important for many of my dear friends who are undergoing medical treatments and taking medications. As a result, these pendants are made of a zinc alloy -- a metal that almost all people can tolerate. They look wonderful, feel wonderful, and never tarnish.  Best of all , they don't make my skin itch! I hope you love them as much as I do.

We Made Some Waves in 2014 To Wipe Out Ovarian Cancer

As October arrives, everyone is pulling out their pink clothes in support of breast cancer awareness.  Everyone, except us wonderful wacky women who will be supporting and running the breast cancer races, still wearing our teal tutu's, tootsies and tiaras from our annual "Making Waves" event on Perdido Key, FL.  Still drawing awareness to Ovarian cancer, which is so closely tied up with other female cancers.  Our annual event this year was even more awesome than we dreamed possible in our efforts to bring awareness to this silent killer that is so often misdiagnosed and usually caught too late.  The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women is dedicated to  not keeping our mouths shut about it.  We are merciless whenever we get anyone who will even pretend to listen to us!
The FloraBama was generous as always and opened up their hearts and doors to us again as the stronghold for our event.  We packed the house with Wonderful Wacky Women and the Mighty Men Who Love them.  The whole place was a vision of Teals, Aquas and Blues, mimicking the gorgeous colors of the gulf of Mexico just outside their doors.  From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all the Wacky Women of the Redneck Riviera for the great work, good times and undying sisterhood radiating from that tiny little key I call paradise... thanks for the fun, friendship and sense of family I always feel there... from the bottom of my wild, wacky heart...thanks a bunch!
Move over Angelina Jolie...
Amy is My Hero 

Hats off to Angelina Jolie and her couragous decision to take control of her own health. However, there is no doubt she was inspired by ordinary women who without all the glamor, attention and money live real lives and make those very same couragous choices. This is my own daughter, Amy, who just like Angelina made the proactive choice for genetic testing and had a preventative double mastectomy five years ago when she was 35 years old.  Her chances for cancer went from 75% to less than 1%.  I snapped this photo of Amy as she crossed the finish line at our Wondeful Wacky Women race, two years after her life altering surgeries.  And she will be there again this year to continue to MAKE WAVES to wipe out ovarian cancer on behalf of the legacy of women in her past that never had the choice.  And she is looking for a running partner. Will you run beside her this September 28th?
suzy toronto

Everyone seems
to be looking
for a Hero. 

ut not me...I have two. 

The list of hero's in my life is so long it's hard to name them all. I have been blessed with a multitude of both men and women who have been such examples of integrity and honor that I do not have to look far to be inspired. And my parents are at the top of the list. My whole life I have wanted to be just like them. My mother, the original wacky woman, was an artist, mother and political activist, and she devoted her life to charity -- even though there were times that she needed charity more than those she was serving. From her I was inspired to be a free spirit, to speak my mind, and to stand up for what I believed. And above all, she taught me to live a life worth loving. My father, the war hero, the patriot, and man of God is the very definition of the word integrity. From him I learned to always be authentic, to rise by lifting others and to roll up my sleeves and work hard to actually make my wacky dreams come true. And above all, to be darn sure I left the world a better place for having lived here. There is no doubt about it -- Mom and Dad are my hero's, and I want to be just like them. I have tried to honor them by teaching my own children the lessons they taught me.  And I pray that my posterity will pass along the great words of wisdom my family has lived by. Many of these pearls can be found throughout my collections. Originally, I gathered them together only for posterity's sake, for my own children to use in teaching their kids. I had no idea that these sentiments would be so powerful to the public and to my customers. I am thrilled that they ring so true to everyone.  Feel free to click through my website and giggle a little yourself.  See if there are any bits of wacky wisdom you can share with your family and friends.   

My Wacky Irish Roots

None of this is my fault. It's genetic.

I am the daughter of Colleen O'Brien who is the daughter of a leprechaun named Thomas Patrick O'Brien. Yes, you read that right -- my grandfather was a real leprechaun -- and so is my Aunt Cate! That explains a lot about why I'm so wacky.  And just for the record, I'm the most normal one of the clan!

It's no surprise that in our family we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with more fanfare and green glitter than Christmas, Easter and the fourth of July, all rolled into one. We start getting the house decorated right after Christmas, hanging on for dear life to anything green that's leftover and start adding to it each day. By the first of March, the house, garden and even the inside of the refrigerator reflects a thousand shades of what our family considers the one and only true color on the face of the planet.
And heaven forbid any of us should wear anything other than green.  Simply unspeakable!

I know this sounds more certified crazy than wacky. But growing up in this boisterous tradition was all about embracing my Irish heritage -- a tradition I carry on today.  Less than a century ago, the average Irish immigrant was pretty low on the food chain in most people's eyes. But the strong Irish people who immigrated to the USA were determined to work hard, and create a better life for themselves. They let go of the pain and poverty they left behind and clung to the good of their Celtic heritage. The whole wacky Saint Patrick's Day celebration is unique to Irish Americans -- a celebration that does not take place in Ireland with anywhere near the hoopla or blarney. For us, it's a celebration of the roots that forged each generation to be all that they could be. I am proud to be Irish. Proud of the poverty pit that was Ireland at the turn of the century that my forefathers clawed themselves out of to create this opportunity I have to be an American. I am proud beyond words that my blood, which runs red, white and blue, takes on that heavenly, neon green glow this time of year.  Bottom line, when it comes to family, I got the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So from the bottom of my Wacky heart, I invite you to celebrate it with me and wish you the greenest Saint Patrick's Day ever. May it be filled with love, loyalty and undying friendship.  

Go on, go kiss someone who is Irish this year. 

A Gathering of the Irish Goddesses

Irish GoddessesHere's a pic of four of the the original five Wacky Irish Goddesses in our family -- my mother, the oldest and tallest of the group with three of her sisters.  For the past several years they have gathered at my home to celebrate the season with my mom, who is not able to travel.  It takes me a week to recover from all their shenanigans after they leave -- they simply wear me out. This year, decked out in their greens, the O'Brien girls all packed around their Gathering of the Irish Goddesses travel tumblers all day as they shopped.  I told you about these cute tumblers last year, and I had so many requests for them, we added them to our Celtic collection this year. Check them out. And yes, we can still get them to you before the big day. But remember, being Irish isn't about one day, it's about  being Irish 365 days a year and proudly showing the world.

Click here to see the Celtic Collection Travel Tumblers.

Like Mother, like Daughter?

As most of you know, none of my five children are my biological offspring. Regardless, through their upbringing, they share my Irish roots. And with loving arms, they all embrace it. Like my mother before me, each of my daughters wear on their finger, a Claddagh ring, which stands for love, loyalty and undying friendship.  Each ring is  identical to the one I have worn for over 40 years. Even my daughters-in-law wear them as tribute to their husbands.

The artwork and stories that are part of my Celtic collection pay tribute to the traditions of my heritage. Each of my children will have one this year to remind them that they are, in part, who they are because I am who I am. Irish or not, take a moment to click through to see and read the fun Celtic themed gifts my kids and Grandkids will get this year.

Click Here to See the Celtic Collection


My Theme song...if I had one.

I've posted this before and for some reason the link died. This is a performance by Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen and if I could have my very own theme song this, without any doubt in the world, would be it!!!!! It plays non stop in my head over and is my creed to live by. I hope this link works

A Challegning Race...

JoAnn Finsh line 
Hugging daughter-in-law, JoAnn Toronto at the finish line, while my daughter, Amy Toronto Weir looks on. Notice JoAnn on her toes as I lean down to reach her... like I said, a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, little thing full of power, determination and grace under fire!  

  Takes My Breath Away
....and truly makes         my heart tingle!
 There are opportunities all around for us to have "Kodak Moments."  But with our lives as busy as they are, sometimes we have to really look for them, take the moment to breathe them in and savor them. But then, once in a blue moon, without warning, right in the middle of the hurry-hurry, busy-busy rat race, when we are least likely to notice such an event, God simply stops us in our tracks and literally knocks the wind out of us until we stop, look and listen to the magic and wonder before us. This past weekend, on October 27, it happened to me.  

I was on Perdido Key for the 4th Annual Wonderful Wacky Women Race. All kinds of things were buzzing around me. The race had already begun, runners were everywhere, support teams abounded, Marines were running in groups of runners and the whole thing was incredible. The sights, sounds and energy  was exhilarating but my mind was going 90 miles an hour about what else needed to be done. Then, without warning, as I turned around to put out yet another "fire", about 50 yards away from me, a single runner was headed towards me and the finish gate.  Just minutes behind the three place winners, but still respectively ahead of the rest of the pack, I saw a teeny-tiny, petite, little thing running towards me like there was no tomorrow. Dressed head to toe in wacky clothes for the event, she had broke into a long stride and was giving it all she had to the end. It was my daughter-in-law, JoAnn Toronto. With more than her own share of health issues, she'd been training to run this race by getting up very early every morning to run before my son, William left for work. A captain in the Air Force he had arranged for leave to tend their four little boys under the age of 8, whom she home schools on top of everything else. Totally forgetting the task I was on, I immediately started cheering her on. As she crossed the line, I ran to meet her. She fell into my arms, tears running down her face. The past 9 years of her life have pushed her to her limit. She had accomplished so much more than running 4 miles along the ocean this day and this race was symbolic of it in so many ways. She knew it and I knew it. Nothing had to be said.   

To anyone watching it might have just been a congratulatory hug, simple and quick. But for me, it was one of those moments that took my breath away. God had brought this amazing young woman into our family and at that moment, time stood still and my heart tingled as I held her in my arms. For me, these are the moments that make all the work worthwhile. These are the moments that make my life worth loving. These are the moments I will forever hold dear. Thank you Wacky Woman Lou Windom for capturing it on film but even more importantly, thank you JoAnn for capturing my heart. 


Its Official!

Yes, you heard right. The Mayor of Orange Beach Alabama, The Mayor of Gulf Shores, Alabama, Mayor of Pensacola, Florida and Escambia County Florida Commissioners are all officially proclaiming the last Saturday in October...from here on, going forward into eternity as Wonderful Wacky Women Day. This is a big deal folks. We have made our mark on the gulf coast and we are here to stay! Yippee....

For more cool info on the area that is sooo 100% behind our efforts check out the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce at

Just a quick reminder to save the date. October 27,2012 is this years big race. Sponsored by The Redneck Riviera Chapter of Wonderful Wacky Women, this will be the 4rd Annual 4 Mile Run/ 4 Mile Walk or 1 Mile Fun Walk. 
  • 100% of all registration dollars will be directed to the Florida Hospital Foundation to support Ovarian Cancer Research in Orlando, FL
  • Our Silent Auction and Ovarian Cancer Raffle will benefit University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute in Mobile, AL  and Covenant Hospice - Pensacola, FL. 
 Join me on the most beautiful beach in the world on the panhandle Florda's gulf coast... Perdido Key,FL and Orange Beach, AL
Go to to see this amazing area.


Are You Ready to Ride This Wave With Me?
OK, so its that time of year again when the Redneck Riviera Wonderful Wacky Women are fixing to whip up a tidal wave to wipe out Ovarian Cancer. And this year is set to be bigger and better than ever before. Seriously, can anyone think of a better excuse to drop what they're doing, head to the sunny Florida/Alabama coast with hundreds of other wonderful wacky women from all over the country and have more fun than anyone should be allowed to? And while you're having such a great time, enjoying the sugar sand beaches, the amazing fresh seafood, the casual beach town ambiance, and the sound of irrepressible laughter, you'll be helping to raise money with me to wipe out Ovarian Cancer.  Saying you're not in shape is no excuse. If you don't want to  tackle the 4 mile walk/run you can easily stroll the one mile course with those of us who  are there to practice the art of the southern leisurely saunter!  Whether you come dressed for a serious race , or all decked out in your wonderful wacky regalia, I promise you'll have a great time.   Below are some of the details but you can also go to or go to to register now!

Help Me Make Waves to Wipe Out Ovarian Cancer!

three wacky womenJust a quick heads up that plans are in full gear and the Wonderful Wacky Women are starting to gather for the 4th Annual Wonderful Wacky Women Making a Difference Race. Tired of creating a ripple in the pond, our plan this year is to wipe out Ovarian Cancer with a tidal wave of wonderful wacky women running, walking, dancing and crawling across the finish line -- because lives really do depend on it. I'm gonna be there with bells on, pushing that wave with all I've got. The question is...are you gonna join me?  
Held on the shores of Perdido Key, Florida, right where Florida kisses Alabama, the beaches are spectacular, the shopping and restaurants are fun and the support from the local community is amazing.

And the fun begins here:  

Wednesday, October 24 Air Show with the  Blue Angels ...last year we were all in tears as those fine young men flew over us and formed a big old survivor ribbon against the  gorgeous teal colored sky!     
 After the airshow it's an hour walk through the amazing Naval Museum.Our fun day in the sun will be followed by Lunch at Fisherman's Corner, a WWW Wacky Accelerator sponsor.    Jim Green and his staff have turned what once was a  bait store into one of the best dining spots on Perdido Key. Unless you are a local, you would never see this place hidden under the the bridge.

Their menu includes a nice wine list, fried pickles, baked shrimp to die for, steaks, burgers and fried shrimp.
And for sure, don't leave without trying the famous New Orleans style bread budding or fried cheesecake. (I ALWAYS take a second order of their bread pudding in a to go box, I love it so much!) 

Our fun day in the sun is followed that evening  with our  Wonderful Wacky Wednesday Hat Party held at the World Famous Flora Bama...our headquarters for the race!    
We will have our annual  Wacky Hat contest which will surely bring lots of claps and laughs from local patrons.  Who knows,
Might even get someone to donate another $1,000.  Yes, this has happened at the Flora Bama. Get started now.... Working on your hat. There will be plenty of prizes and lots of pictures.... You sure do not want to miss out on this.
Thursday, the 25th we head over to SanRoc Cay for a big opening night party with live music by Wonderful Wacky Women Elaine Petty and Rhonda Hart and Lisa Christian. This party is one of my favorite events with plenty of time to  talk, hang out, get to know new friends and reunite with old ones. The music is second to none and the shopping to die for. The boutiques that sponsor this event and support our race are fabulous. (Everyone this past year kept asking me where I get my cute, funky, wacky clothes, hats, jewelry, etc that I wear to a lot of my personal appearances... Well, hello!... I get them here!!! 

Friday, the 26th...Right now our day is open for everyone to explore the Florida/Alabama coast on their own. We'll have a list of fun and amazing shopping , and things to do like visit our friends at Villagios Shopping Mall where one of my favorite clothing boutiques, "The Market on Perdido Key" is located. There is a  great Sports Bar and and an awesome souvenir shop there too. We'll be gathering for an impromptu lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and invite everyone who  want so to join us, to come. (I, for one, will be there with bells on!)  And don't forget those amazing  gulf coast beaches...the white sugar sand, the dolphins frolicking of the shore and manarays so close you can touch them. Early registration starts this evening at the Flora Bama at 5:00-6:30PM for those wishing to avoid the morning rush!  I'll be hanging out there helping with that too so stop by and say hello!
My daughters Saturday, October 27 ...Our Big Day!  Gathering at the Flora Bama for early morning warm ups under the direction of those wacky women from Jazzercise's "Wonderful Wacky Women With Attitudes"  Again this year we have the blessing of having the Orange Beach Pink Fire Truck at our  service so we'll all do a group photo with it wearing our race shirts. The wave of runners will hit the streets at immediately following with live broadcasts by Sunny 105.7. The cost is $100 per person with discounts for full time military as well as special rates for multiple racers in the same family household. And like last year this race includes not only the Wonderful Wacky Women but also all those Mighty Men who love us!  Go to to register One of my favorite things to watch is the racers as they run, dance, saunter, skip and crawl across the finish line. That's because they are run in by groups of the most adorable hunky marines you have ever seen. And last year we had a couple of Wonderful Wacky Women Marines who were as cute as a button that joined us too. These girls ran their hearts out and out cheered everyone! And those fine young men and women will be here again this year too!     

After the race, we gather again at the Flora Bama for our "Party Like There's No More Cancer"  A silent auction with the most amazing items will be available and prizes and awards given. Wonderful Wacky Women items will be for sale with proceeds going to support our great cause. A delicious lunch is provided free of charge to all racers expertly prepared by Chef Michael Martin and Chef Trish Husk. The food itself is donated by various wacky gulf coast sponsors.

Travel Info For The Big Wave

First of all, for those of you flying in, Pensacola (PNS) is your airport.  Perdido Key is about 35 minutes straight toward the water! Easy Pee-zee!   I'll be flying in on Delta, but I know many discount airlines do as well.  
We have fabulous accommodations for the Wonderful Wacky Women Making a Difference Race this year at the exclusive Eden Resort Condominiums. Just for us W
WW they are offering a  discount of 15% off the rates below.  (plus taxes/fee's)  Use Coupon Code "WILD WACKY" and they will also waive the 3 night minimum for you as well so you can stay for as many or as few days as will accommodate your schedule. But trust me, you're gonna wanna stay forever! So tag a few days on to your trip to join in all our festivities that week, curl your toes in the white sugar sand and master the art of doing nothing.    

Go to : to see this amazing property right on the Gulf, with the most gorgeous pristine beach, and spectacular  facilities. 

One Bedroom  
DAILY  $152 (minus 15% of $22.50)
 WEEKLY  $910 (minus 15% of $136)

Two Bedroom  
DAILY  $188 (minus 15% of $27)
 WEEKLY  $1125   (minus 15% of $168)      

DAILY  $205 - $335   (minus 15% of $30 - $49.50)
WEEKLY  $1230 - $2010    (minus 15% of $184-$301)  

  The Hilton Garden Inn:  (Blog Site)

Standard King~$89.95, 2 Queens Poolview~$99.95, King or 2 Queen Beachfront~$129.95 (per room/per night/plus tax). Special discount code for any participants or other guests to use during booking (L-WWW). Please notify the reservation agent that this is a LOCAL Special Rate Code, so they must ask for the Local Rate Code WWW.   

You must call 1-800-634-8001 to  Perdido Key Resorts Ask for dates Oct 20th 2012 thru Oct 28th under Redneck Riviera Wonderful Wacky Women Rates Special 119.00 nightly Booking code 9449   

  We will offer a discount as follows for the condos:
  Stay 3 pay 2, Stay 4 pay 3 etc.
  Stay 2 get 20% off
  Stay 1 get 10% off
  Cottages- all stays 10% off
For more info on the area, cool things to do and have fun check out the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce as well as the Visit Perdido  Key Websites
The Chamber:

Dare To Be Wacky...Live a Life Worth Loving

We all have it in us -- a free-spirited, wonderful wacky attitude that makes our lives colorful, exciting, and fun.It inspires us to write an upside down, inside out version of our own wacky fairy tale, filled with fascinating characters, plenty of action, and plots that twist, and turn.
suzy 2013
If you're anything like me, there have been times when you've mistaken that wild, unbridled energy for chaos and confusion, and allowed critics to cut out the best scenes in your story. For me, the whole process stifles my passions and dulls my sparkle. 

Well, I've decided that's not going to happen any more.  And if I can stick to this plan, I can't imagine the explosion of growth and opportunity that will occur. Yippee!  Do it with me! (There is strength in numbers.)  Commit right now to rekindle your passions, and multiply your talents. Embrace your inner wackiness, and redefine your world. Let's stand up for something worth fighting for, and confront the dragons of the world, especially the ones that scare the be-gee-bies out of us. Together let's do something to make a difference in the life of someone else.  In the process, we'll change our own.

I'm committed to make this happen. Will you join me?

You can start by helping us create the tidal wave the  Wonderful Wacky Women of the Redneck Riviera Chapter are gonna whip up to help wipe out Ovarian Cancer on October 27 on Perdido Key, FL. I'll be sending a separate newsletter with all the details. Come ride the first of many big waves to come this next year...come ride with me!


NOTE From The Studio:To remind you to start right now and create the life you've always dreamed of, Dare to Be Wacky, Live A Life Worth Loving is the theme for the new 2013 Wall calendar. Click through here to see how irresistibly adorable it turned out...We currently have them in stock and ready to ship but like every year, we expect a complete sell out early.   

But I like Being the Drama Queen

More than once, someone has rolled their eyes at me, and told me to quit being such a Drama Queen.
drama queen planner

Instead of this stopping me in my tracks,that one short sentence makes me want to seize a can of spray adhesive with one hand and a jar of glitter with the other and say,
"You're missing the whole point!" and then cover them with a lavish coat of sticky, iridescent bling.
But instead, I take a deep breath, and say a silent prayer. I pray for the strength that I will never, ever listen to anyone who tells me to stop being myself. I then vow to forever embrace the drama, to breathe in the spark of passion that lights fire in my soul, and to always surround myself with the wild energy that makes my heart tingle.
You know it, I know it:

Sometimes we wonderful wacky women need to empower our inner Drama Queen to help us create the excitement, passion and the fun that truly make our lives worth loving... no matter how many eyes are rolled along the way.

So stage your royal scene. Script out your passionate performance. And wear that crown with pride!

I've got mine on right now thanks to my wonderful wacky friends from Market Street Gallery in Celebration FL. They hosted such a fun party and signing.  And thanks for my new tiara.  

My Drama Queen Art and story are available in my new 2013 Daily Planner, as well as our travel tumblers, mouse pads, bag tags, coasters, magnets and prints. Click through here to see how cute they are and vow to never let anyone dull your sparkle either.

Keeping Track of Days Everywhere

So if a wall calendar or day planner are not your thing when it comes to  following the days, weeks and months of your life that is so worth loving, this year I have created a desk/blotter type calendar as well.  (My dear ol 'Dad is a huge fan of this style and he got me hooked as well!)  This is what we use a lot here at all our desks at the studio too, keeping track of our wacky schedule of shows, shipping and deadlines.  Its super convenient to be able to track your days, doodle on the edges and smile while keeping everything on track.   As an added bonus the very last page of the Desk Calendar is a poster suitable for framing.

Check it out here!