Same Blood, Different Planets

People often ask me where I get the inspiration to write my stories, books, etc and I always tell them:"from real people" Well here is the real inspiration for the TingleHeart "We Are Sisters, Same Blood, Different Planets" sister Cathy. Despite the fact that we couldn't be more different if we tried, this is the woman I can call at 4 in the morning. I can count on her, with no questions asked and no explanation needed.....because bottom line, we are sisters....forever, for always and no matter what.


Amy said...

I peaked earlier today and noticed you have a lot of fun stuff going on! Hope your New Years is fabulous and enjoy having your family with you!

Love ya!

Lynda and Glen said...

My Sweet, talented, darling friend:
How happy I am that I have such smart children that they can do all these wonderful things on a computer, make me so happy, give me all these beautiful grandchildren AND keep in touch with all my favorite people too !
I'm going to call soon...but fear we'll never be able to get off the phone ever. I love you my dear friend....always have, always will.
I sure could use a good haircut! Lynda

Cathy said...

I wish I had a dancing picture like Launi.

Priebe Family said...

I love blogging! It has been so much fun to find old friends and catch up on their lives. We miss you but you look great. I hope you will get to see David and Jen soon. They would love that! I see that you were able to accept the invitation to my blog but if you are having any trouble logging on let me know. Tell Will HI and he looks great, we are so pround and thankful for his service! Love you, Deanna

Kristi Stevens said...

Suzy, you look like you are having so much fun. It's been so long. So great to see you're doing well. Amy was one of my BF's in high school. I'd love to contact her. Will you send along the message that Kristi Bevan says hello?

Sarah said...

cute pictures of you both