I watch this so much I think I have it memorized. It inspires me beyond words


Silver said...

I have watched that a few times myself it always reminds me of my children. I picked up your book The Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women in a hospital gift shop. I picked it up with the intention of reading it to My Mother who was a patient at the time. To my regret I never got the chance to read the book to her after years of battling factor V Leiden thrombophilia and the other health problems it cause she decided she was done letting it rule her life. I did not pick up your book again until after her death. My Mother was a strong woman with a strong faith in our Heavenly father and his plan for us. In her last days, I watched her accept death then comfort and help her husband, children, and friends accept it. I held her hand as she embraced the Death of her physical body. Your book has brought me a great deal of comfort, the last years of my Mother life were spent doing all of the things she had dreamed of doing , traveling around the United States and going to Ireland to do Genealogy or as she told her grandchildren her important work for God. My Mother was one of those strong wacky women who embraced life she was truly a woman who gave of herself to others even at the end.

Priebe Family said...

This is one of my favorites as well! I was so excited to get your comment on our blog! I told mom you said Hi! Sure do miss you guys and yes it does seem like just yesterday that we were getting married (which by the way we could not have done without you!) Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you! Love you!

cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

Wow Suzy... this is compelling! I feel his message in my heart, and it's resonating with joy! Thank YOU for sharing it. I too am passionate about creativity - it's indeed an expression of the soul. I look forward to coming back to your blog (and..i love the kitty!)

Creativity... I love it..