royaltyWackiest Things I've Very Created:
Hometown Royalty
In my continued feature of the wackiest things I've ever created, no doubt this one has its place. While doing a show in Wenatchee Washington many years ago, three of the cutest, little teenagers came in my booth. Donning tiaras and sashes across their chests, the three had just been crowned in the local Miss Wenatchee Apple Blossom pageant. This pageant was all about poise, leadership and community service. And these three young gals beamed with hometown pride.

I agree there are some beauty pageants that are ridiculous and totally out of control, but going back to some of these small, hometown fairs, it warms my heart to see girls like these who love 4H, their hometown and love being a wonderful wacky woman. I decided, on the spot, to capture the essence of the girls and what they stood for. As they showed me their dancing talent (clogging), demonstrated the newest cheer they'd learned and gobbled up homemade ice cream that was a special treat at the fair, these girls got my full attention. (Big surprise that I won the "Royalty's Choice Award" for best art booth!!!) So envision yourself at the fair, take a big bite of one of those amazingly crisp Washington State apples, click through and enjoy!

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