A Day of Chatting with the Girls Has Me Puzzled...

making puzzle
My husband's two sisters, Marion and Judy, who hail from Salt lake City, Utah took one look at their thermostat at home this week and decided it was time for a Florida vacation. Well guess what? We too are having a bit of a cold spell. So we can't enjoy the beach. Instead, we broke out a puzzle, made some hot cocoa (because as you all know, everything is more fun with with chocolate), and had a blast putting this new puzzle together. As we sat around the table arranging the pieces, they told me all kinds of juicy dirt about my husband,Al, when he was a little kid. (Gosh was he ever a pistol!!!)

There are actually three puzzles to choose from. We decided to open a second puzzle and do it too! Check them out. They're pretty cool!

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The Photo Schmoozer said...

I bought this puzzle from you for my Birthday celebration. Was going to have people work on it at the party - a Wild Wonderful WackyWomen party BUT we had too much fun eating (and YES one of the cakes was an incredible chocolate!!) and DRUMMING. I have been drumming and making beautiful hand drums. You can even see pictures of some of them on my blog I am going to put you as a link on my blog.
Thanks for being so cool and a fun inspriation - I am 65 and becoming more FREE everyday and even letting my hair grow long and curly!! Lovey you