The Real Woman Behind the Art:

carrie Formated copyMy friend, Carrie, is the very definition of a Wild Wacky Mountain Mama from the hills of northern Idaho. We met when I signed up for a watercolor painting class at the local college. When I walked in to the classroom, paint was flying, Carrie was barking out orders and the whole class was laughing hysterically. I knew this class was just what I needed.

As one of this country's leading forensic artists, Carrie's list of accomplishments is longer than my right arm. But her attitude and sense of humor are immeasurable. When Carrie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she approached the challenge the same way she approaches everything in her life -- with laughter, humor and a smile that could melt ice on a cold Idaho morning! The honor of being She Who Has a Great Attitude without a doubt goes to this amazing wacky woman

The poem I wrote about her attitude is called "She Who Has a Great Attitude" and is here for your reading with just a click of the mouse. But if you really want the whole scoop, you need to read a little more. Her whole story is a chapter in my first book. If you've ever had to face a struggle of your own, it's worth the read. It's required reading if you want a good giggle right now.

On a personal note, as an artist all my life, I was new to the medium of watercolor when I signed up for that class back in 2000. Today when I give Carrie credit for teaching me all I know about the medium that has made my business such a success, she humble says, "Ah, shucks, I just taught you which end of the brush to get wet!",

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