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February 2013

backtotop Wedding spread

A Wonderful Wacky Wedding Just a few short weeks ago marked a milestone in this wacky woman's life. Our youngest child, Chase, married the woman of his dreams. What a wonderful celebration we had as all my children, from all over the country, flew in to celebrate his marriage to a wonderful wacky woman that couldn't be closer to my heart if she tried! As all the plans for the big day came together it began to resemble clips from the movies "Father of the Bride," "Steel Magnolias" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" all combined! It was destined to be magical. But my favorite thing about their plans was that they chose to take their vows in a very private, immediate family-only setting two days prior to the big "party"...their effort to keep their vows and commitments on a very sacred and spiritual level, separate from the big festival party that was planned. And it was just that. Spiritual... Solemn... and Sacred.

Two days later, the party was magnificent...everything we all hoped it would be. And as I watched my son walk off with his new bride after their big day, I was so excited about their future...about the joys, opportunities and even heart aches that I know they will now be able to face together...a life filled with learning, loving and growing together. As my wacky brain took it all in, I penned for them "Wonderful Wacky Words of Wisdom for a Good Marriage." It is filled with bits of fun, humor and wackiness to get them through the rough spots and help them recognize the good ones! At the reception, so many people asked for copies of it, I thought perhaps with Valentines Day approaching it might be a fun thing to share with you all too! Enjoy.

My husband Al (aka
My husband BIg Al, aka "Left Brain" with my son Chase, aka "Boy Genius"
The Mighty Men
in My Wacky Life

Quite often I have made comments and referred to the Mighty Men in my life -- sometimes tongue-in-cheek and other times with all seriousness and reverence. Simply put, I adore them. All bearing the wacky nicknames I have given them over the years, like Left Brain, The Cabana Boy, The Wild Thing, Boy Genius, Scooter Boy, and Stud Muffin. They are a constant source of inspiration, humor and support to me. As a tribute to these men, I created quite large collection of "Mighty Men" stuff. The newest is in my Wacky Words Series. I hope you get a kick out of these pieces and that they inspire you to give a great, big, ol' kiss on the lips to the men in your life this Valentines Day. I know, much to their chagrin, I'll be smooching and mugging on my guys like crazy.

wedding shoes
Beautiful Tiffany Blue Silk Wedding shoes peeked out from her white wedding gown.
Every Wonderful Wacky Bride Knows, Its All About
The Cute Sparkly Shoes...

...and as a matter of fact, she did need these!, OK, so all you girlie-girls who understand the need for cute shoes will understand -- no explanation needed -- that when a big day like this rolls around, new shoes are an absolute must. My husband saw me sneak in the house with yet another pair of really cute shoes that I thought I might want for the wedding, but before he could say a word, I exclaimed "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do need another pair of shoes!!!!" Surely everyone knows that every wonderful wacky woman needs cute shoes....with sparkles!

Click here to see my tribute to new shoes

PS, As adorable as my new Daughter-in Law's shoes were with her gown, I, to no one's surprise, went barefoot all night.

two barefoot girls
Two Wacky Women
One of my favorite shots from the wedding celebration. Wendy and I deciding that, as cute as our shoes were, bare feet with toe rings and ankle bracelets is way more wacky.

wedding ciomposite
Snapshots from my World
Nothing worst than having to endure someones else's home movies. So to spare you the long drawn out version, I've edited it down to a few quick snaps. I want to let you have a peek at one of the most wonderful days of my life. Thank you for letting me share it with you. I keep looking at the full on shot of the whole family wedding pic with all my children and can't help but feeling like the most-blessed woman in the world.

A Very Personal Notechase and wedny

If there is anything I have learned over 54 years of life it is that life is not perfect. Yet in his mercy, God has granted us all with perfect moments of absolute, magic, joy and clarity. I believe with all my heart that in those moments it is our privilege to capture that energy in a mental snapshot to cherish and hold dear to our hearts not only until our last breath but also through all eternity. Throughout my life I have consciously stopped myself from my busy, wacky life and taken that opportunity. I can still remember the smells, the sounds and every detail in the room the day this child was laid in my arms. Born five weeks premature and screaming his itty-bitty head off, I was overwhelmed that a woman I didn't know was willing to give me a chance at motherhood and allow me to adopt him. My world and his would never be the same. In every aspect, he has been an absolute joy to me. Now almost 30 years later, another woman has entered into his life and once again, his world has been changed forever. I am so honored to have witnessed it all... and in my heart will forever hold those memories dear.

For "He Who is My Son" and all the inspiration you have been to me and to "She Who is My Daughter In Law" , truly a woman after my own heart, I give you my deepest love and Alo'ha as you begin your new life and journey together, forever.

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This is my tribute to the wonderful, wacky, but, most of all, sacred institution of marriage.

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