54 Years Old and
in Braces!
So at the ripe old age of 54 I've decided to get my teeth straightened. Why did I wait? Well, it was always a money thing.  I never had the opportunity to have them as a child and then, as a young mother,  I always had a kid who needed them worse.  

The upside to the wait is now they have these wonderful "invisible" braces that, truth be told, are not as invisible as one might think. And they still hurt like the dickens as the teeth loosen and shift. But they are far better than the metal braces of yore.

The downside is that taking them out to eat is not as easy as it sounds. I look at yummy stuff to eat or drink and think, "Nope, not worth the hassle."  But I can drink water! So I've got my travel tumblers all over my studio filled with filtered water. (They are my grown up sippy cups so I don't knock my drinks over and ruin my latest creation!) I do think this is going to make me healthier though and it's beginning to seem plausible that I might lose a few pounds along the way.   

Bottom line, I'm smack in the middle of my 50's, going through adolescence again with the braces, comparing notes about it with my 14-15 year old Sunday School class. That is followed up being lectured by my grandchildren about why I need to keep my lid on my sippy cup at all times. (I wonder where they learned that speech?) 

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