A Teacher: Another Kind of Mother
Some women are made for birthin' babies, others, like me,find ways around it. But some women love, help and nurture children without ever assuming the title of mother.  We call them teachers. 
She Who Is Called To Teach

The honors we bestow upon those selfless men and women who spend their days teaching our children often reap rewards far less than they deserve. Face it, no one wakes up one morning and says, "Hey, I wanna get rich, I think I'll be a teacher." I have often been asked why I have a piece of art called "She Who is Called to Teach" and "He Who is Called to Teach" but not of all the other professions.  My answer is simple. I do not believe that teaching is a job or profession. I believe that teaching is a Divine Calling.  I believe the ramifications of teachers' work has eternal significance. They are the people to truly help shape our world.  And they do it in overcrowded classrooms, while fighting budget cuts and politics.
 As your children wind down this school year, take a moment to really thank their teachers for the impact they have had on your child, the future community and the world. Thank them for making a difference.


Amy Merritt said...

Suz--thanks for this nice post. I sometimes forget just how amazing teaching is--and get to thinking that there is so much more out there. But--teaching really is amazing. That piece of yours is one of my favorites (it sits on my desk at school).

It is such an enriching thing to know that I maybe am helping to make a difference in the life of one of God's children. Thanks for the difference you mak too :)

Amy Merritt said...

Suz--thanks for the reminder of how great teaching is. It definitely is a divine and eternal thing. Sometimes I forget just how important it is. Thank you so much for the reminder--and your piece is one of my favorites (it sits on my desk at school!).

Thank you also for your great example :)

Anonymous said...

teaching is really a great thing- but
some kids don't realize it. ive taught my kids to respect thier teachers. thanks for the advice-