But I like Being the Drama Queen

More than once, someone has rolled their eyes at me, and told me to quit being such a Drama Queen.
drama queen planner

Instead of this stopping me in my tracks,that one short sentence makes me want to seize a can of spray adhesive with one hand and a jar of glitter with the other and say,
"You're missing the whole point!" and then cover them with a lavish coat of sticky, iridescent bling.
But instead, I take a deep breath, and say a silent prayer. I pray for the strength that I will never, ever listen to anyone who tells me to stop being myself. I then vow to forever embrace the drama, to breathe in the spark of passion that lights fire in my soul, and to always surround myself with the wild energy that makes my heart tingle.
You know it, I know it:

Sometimes we wonderful wacky women need to empower our inner Drama Queen to help us create the excitement, passion and the fun that truly make our lives worth loving... no matter how many eyes are rolled along the way.

So stage your royal scene. Script out your passionate performance. And wear that crown with pride!

I've got mine on right now thanks to my wonderful wacky friends from Market Street Gallery in Celebration FL. They hosted such a fun party and signing.  And thanks for my new tiara.  

My Drama Queen Art and story are available in my new 2013 Daily Planner, as well as our travel tumblers, mouse pads, bag tags, coasters, magnets and prints. Click through here to see how cute they are and vow to never let anyone dull your sparkle either.

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