Dare To Be Wacky...Live a Life Worth Loving

We all have it in us -- a free-spirited, wonderful wacky attitude that makes our lives colorful, exciting, and fun.It inspires us to write an upside down, inside out version of our own wacky fairy tale, filled with fascinating characters, plenty of action, and plots that twist, and turn.
suzy 2013
If you're anything like me, there have been times when you've mistaken that wild, unbridled energy for chaos and confusion, and allowed critics to cut out the best scenes in your story. For me, the whole process stifles my passions and dulls my sparkle. 

Well, I've decided that's not going to happen any more.  And if I can stick to this plan, I can't imagine the explosion of growth and opportunity that will occur. Yippee!  Do it with me! (There is strength in numbers.)  Commit right now to rekindle your passions, and multiply your talents. Embrace your inner wackiness, and redefine your world. Let's stand up for something worth fighting for, and confront the dragons of the world, especially the ones that scare the be-gee-bies out of us. Together let's do something to make a difference in the life of someone else.  In the process, we'll change our own.

I'm committed to make this happen. Will you join me?

You can start by helping us create the tidal wave the  Wonderful Wacky Women of the Redneck Riviera Chapter are gonna whip up to help wipe out Ovarian Cancer on October 27 on Perdido Key, FL. I'll be sending a separate newsletter with all the details. Come ride the first of many big waves to come this next year...come ride with me!


NOTE From The Studio:To remind you to start right now and create the life you've always dreamed of, Dare to Be Wacky, Live A Life Worth Loving is the theme for the new 2013 Wall calendar. Click through here to see how irresistibly adorable it turned out...We currently have them in stock and ready to ship but like every year, we expect a complete sell out early.   

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