suzy toronto

Everyone seems
to be looking
for a Hero. 

ut not me...I have two. 

The list of hero's in my life is so long it's hard to name them all. I have been blessed with a multitude of both men and women who have been such examples of integrity and honor that I do not have to look far to be inspired. And my parents are at the top of the list. My whole life I have wanted to be just like them. My mother, the original wacky woman, was an artist, mother and political activist, and she devoted her life to charity -- even though there were times that she needed charity more than those she was serving. From her I was inspired to be a free spirit, to speak my mind, and to stand up for what I believed. And above all, she taught me to live a life worth loving. My father, the war hero, the patriot, and man of God is the very definition of the word integrity. From him I learned to always be authentic, to rise by lifting others and to roll up my sleeves and work hard to actually make my wacky dreams come true. And above all, to be darn sure I left the world a better place for having lived here. There is no doubt about it -- Mom and Dad are my hero's, and I want to be just like them. I have tried to honor them by teaching my own children the lessons they taught me.  And I pray that my posterity will pass along the great words of wisdom my family has lived by. Many of these pearls can be found throughout my collections. Originally, I gathered them together only for posterity's sake, for my own children to use in teaching their kids. I had no idea that these sentiments would be so powerful to the public and to my customers. I am thrilled that they ring so true to everyone.  Feel free to click through my website and giggle a little yourself.  See if there are any bits of wacky wisdom you can share with your family and friends.   

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