Move over Angelina Jolie...
Amy is My Hero 

Hats off to Angelina Jolie and her couragous decision to take control of her own health. However, there is no doubt she was inspired by ordinary women who without all the glamor, attention and money live real lives and make those very same couragous choices. This is my own daughter, Amy, who just like Angelina made the proactive choice for genetic testing and had a preventative double mastectomy five years ago when she was 35 years old.  Her chances for cancer went from 75% to less than 1%.  I snapped this photo of Amy as she crossed the finish line at our Wondeful Wacky Women race, two years after her life altering surgeries.  And she will be there again this year to continue to MAKE WAVES to wipe out ovarian cancer on behalf of the legacy of women in her past that never had the choice.  And she is looking for a running partner. Will you run beside her this September 28th?

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