They Who are Graduates....
"Dr. Toronto" husband, AL
Graduation season is here -- teens leaving high school and young adults leaving college.
  Even some old folks go back to school and get degrees.  It's fun to see the hope, enthusiasm and innocence in all who graduate.   
And who knows where it's going to take them?
My husband, Al, has a Ph.D. in Speech Pathology and was a college professor for ten years.  He was one year away from being a full, tenured professor when he quit to go into business for himself.  Simply put, he changed his mind and followed his heart... towards me!  His life has been a wild roller coaster ride ever since.  I'd like to think I'm one of the high points.  And now "Dr. Toronto" is selling paintings on the street corner with me and loves every minute of it. 
The original artwork for "She Who is a Graduate". Since creating this piece almost  15 years ago, I've added a new design for men: "He who is a Graduate"
Does Al regret the eight years of school to get a doctorate degree he doesn't use?  Not for a second.  He values his education and time teaching as some of the best and formative years of his life.  It made him who he is and is a vital part of his success in life.  And it's part of why I married him.  He was obviously smart and driven.
The point is, graduation is a springboard to the rest of your life, no matter where it takes you. 
It's a time for reflection and celebration. 
So congratulate those around you who are graduating.  And consider giving them one of my graduation art prints.  It puts education in perspective and is a wonderful keepsake. 

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